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Building a website should be your first priority if you’re looking to establish or improve your small business's online presence. Your website can (if done correctly) build your credibility, advertise your business, help establish trust with your prospective customers, and ultimately be a big part of why a customer chooses you over your competition.

However, not all websites are equal.



Your website needs to be available on any and all screens (mobile optimized), so your customers can access your website from anywhere. If your digital pages don’t resize and adjust to any screen, you will miss out on marketing your product and leads from the extensive number of people who search from their phones, ipads, etc.

Ever Changing

The times of putting up a website and forgetting about it are over. Websites need to be ever changing and expanding for them to continue to show up in Google search results.

A Library of Information

You are the expert in your field and your online presence, and advertising needs to reflect that. Customers research before they buy- make sure they can find the information they need to know on YOUR website, so they don’t have to look elsewhere; Google SEO plays a key role in that research to ensure that your website is first on the list of responses after a search. We want people to research on your website, decide and book an appointment in one place as opposed to your competition.

Compelling From Any Page

Unlike a book- with a clear cover, customers can enter your website from any page. We need them to be intrigued by what they find (regardless of the page they enter on) and able to easily continue on to other pages to learn more. On every page of your website, customers need to be able to access your contact information- phone, web forms, chat, or social media. We monitor the traffic and make adjustments, improve content and arrange links to better transform your prospective customers into new clients.

Don’t worry, all of The iM Agency’s websites tackle these key factors and more! With most of our online presence management packages, we include the design of a completely customized website tailored to your particular business’s goals and aspirations.

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