Social Media Management (SMM) for Local and Regional Businesses

Social Media Curation

Over the last 10 years social sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and others have become the go-to news and entertainment source for billions of people and the use continues grow. Keeping your social pages active is vital to your Online Presence Management (OPM). Google tracks your activity and uses it as one of its ranking measurements. We keep your social pages active and work with you to curate your company's news and info across the platforms that fit you best.

What you share on your social media reflects your business.


Pictures and Videos

We source a library of relevant and striking pictures and videos to post on your behalf. We ensure that these are sized and scaled to display at the optimized size on different social medias.

Links Back to Your Site

Your website and your social media go hand and hand; we post links to different products, services, and information you offer on your site to help transition your followers into customers.

News Articles Pertaining to Your Field

To keep your followers intrigued in your page and to help your other posts reach more people, we include relevant articles and news stories that are sure to get clicks.

Blog Articles On Your Site

To get more exposure for your blog articles and to help build credibility for your small business, we post links to read the blog articles that can be found on your website.

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